that Inspire us to keep designing with You and Mother Earth in mind <3 


"I absolutely love my Hebe Rose Blaine Backpack! It's one of the best purchases I've made. It's sophisticated style and classic look compliment my on the go lifestyle effortlessly. Whether I'm on the job, using it to store my camera lenses and smaller gear and accessories, to Mom duty, carrying all those necessities to a night out in the transitions perfectly. Who knew a backpack could be so fashionable and functional at the same time! I love this bag so much - you must get one! Bonus - it's also RECYCLED!" - Laura Houlihan, Owner of Laurels & Stars Photography


"I was having a problem finding bags that really spoke to me and that were unique. Hebe Rose NY are stylish, eco-conscious, and help eliminate the vicious cycle of wasteful fashion. Whats not to love?" - Carolina Fryer, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger of Cotton & Posies.


"I love my Alexa Muff in Faux Fur because it has that Old Hollywood classy vibe. With great quality and design, I know I will have it for years to come." - Lisa Harris, Founder & Poet of Fashion Meets Poetry


"How can you not love these handbags? I absolutely love the fact that all of these handbags are made of mostly all recycled products. I bought the Taylor Crossbody and it's a stunning, versatile and extremely fashionable bag! I'm a very happy customer! Check out the collection, I highly recommend it!" - Sharah Dishaw, Wisconsin


"These are stunning bags you never would have guessed they are made of recycled materials." - Michele Sullivan, Fit & Lifestyle Blogger for Muscle_Mates


"My Hebe Rose is absolutely the best! The quality is great and I can fit all my necessary items inside without it feeling too heavy or cramped! I love it!" - Alayna Carter, NYC


"These are bags that conserve water and reduce waste. These handbags make a difference!" - Mary Gui, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger of LayersOfChicBlog



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