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April Rose Gedney, a Wisconsin native, nicknamed Hebe, after the Greek Goddess of Youth, was raised by an immigrant mother from the Philippines and a father with Native American roots. She has called New York City her home for the past twelve years but began her studies at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and graduated with a BA in Asian Studies. After a few years of working in Miami, she realized that she should follow the voice of her passion and attended the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in NYC, where she received her second degree in Accessory Design. A first-time finalist for the 2015 Independent Handbag Designer Awards Competition, April has designed accessory collections for various brands worldwide since 2004 and has worked along side talented designers such as: Kenneth Cole, Rafe Totengco, Aimee Kestenberg, Jean-Michel Cazabat, and Carlos Falchi.

Throughout the years of seeing how things were made, the amount of textiles wasted, and the way employees were getting treated, April wanted to make a difference. April Rose, is a humanitarian at heart, yet her passion in fashion, design, vintage, and the people behind the product, led her a successful career in this competitive market. Her dedication and focus on style and quality of her designs has opened many doors for her. April is continuing to move forward with ethical fashion in mind with her new company, ReKreate, LLC. She wants to make something old, youthful again with her modern designs with launching the company’s first brand, Hebe Rose New York.



Barbara Corea


Barbara Corea, a New York City native, an accessory fashion veteran, who has worked in this industry for over 30 years. Started her career at The Betesh Group, during the 80’s, a time when the rise of the handbag world grew tremendously. Barbara has a unique ability to translate key trends to the mass market, which at times, has swept this nation from handbags to soft accessories. Not only did her talent and dedication contribute to her success, but she also worked her way up and focused on learning all aspects of this business from being an account executive to vice president for accessory companies throughout Metro NYC. .

Barbara has the ability to motivate all members of her team to create outstanding product and from her travels abroad, coming face to face with manufacturers and retailers, along with years of experience, she knew it was time to take that leap into ethical fashion and created her new company, ReKreate LLC. Barbara is dedicated to change the way consumers see and understand this new world of fashion handbags and accessories. Ethical fashion is the only way to make global change in this ever changing industry, so she is moving forward, Re-make, Re-cycle, and Re-discover with launching the company’s first brand, Hebe Rose New York.


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