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It’s a combination rarely seen in fashion - especially not in the handbag industry - but here at Hebe Rose New York it comes naturally. Our handbags are mostly made from products that have a past,
a story,
history ...

Hebe Rose New York was started in early 2016 by two women who both worked in fashion industry for years, April Rose Gedney Ramirez and Barbara Corea, who wanted to help change the way consumers feel about their fashion and world we live in today. 

They both understood that we all have a story, a past of some sort and so does the fashion items we carry. So they wanted to  create a product by recycling what they could all while making a difference. It sounds simple but who are we kidding, anything or anyone who has history or has a past, can be challenging to re-invent.

Untold stories, scars, some visible, some not. The beauty in re-creating product is that not one is the same all while each one is perfect in its own way.

To see the realities of our country’s waste, we went on a trip to Asia. What we learnt on this journey broke our hearts. Because many American landfills are at capacity, our garbage is being sent over to third world countries, like the Philippines, where people sort through landfills to find recyclables. It just doesn’t sit right with us, seeing other people deal with our country’s problem.

Seeing this for ourselves has made us even more determined to change the fashion industry from within. Ethical fashion is not a trend, but it is a statement. It’s a statement we hope more consumers will make as they wake up to the harm caused by mindless consumption.

This is what Hebe Rose New York is all about.
Making a statement.
Making a difference.
Recycling turns things into other things, which is kind of like magic! Magic of untold stories.
Share your look with the #handbagmagic  and #whatsyourstory hashtag and take pride in showing off your #heberosenewyork.

So we ask YOU... what is your story?

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