4.4 pounds. That is the weight of the waste you generate every single day, if you’re in line with the average American. Over 2017 that will build up to 1,606 pounds of trash. Where does it all go? Last spring, we took a trip to Asia and found out the heartbreaking truth.

Many landfills in the US are at capacity. Because of this, much of our waste is sent abroad, to beautiful developing countries like the Philippines. This is where we journeyed to in the spring. When we first arrived, we saw an incredible, vibrant country. But when we journeyed to the landfills, the beauty faded and we were faced with the realities of America’s consumption.

While we travelled around the Philippines, we made some amazing new friends, who told us about the landfills. We discovered that America’s waste is sent over to the country for the locals to sort through. Sure, it provides jobs. But there’s something heartbreaking about seeing our friends in the Philippines deal with America’s problem.

Watch our video to see snapshots from the trip.

Rather than getting disheartened, the trip empowered us. Enraged by what we saw, we were motivated to make a difference. Our passion for a cleaner future is why we created Hebe Rose New York. Each one of our bags is made from at least 60% recycled materials, including PET plastic bottles.

We’re here to modernize the fashion cycle and save Mother Earth, one beautiful handbag at a time. Won’t you join us for the ride?


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